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Fixed Matches Schedule

Fixed Matches Schedule


Shaoxing Shangyu – Hunan Billows

Pick: over 3.5 goals

Odds: 3.50    FT: 4:2 WON

Suwon FC – Ulsan Hyundai


Odds: 1.60    FT: 1:3 WON

Kobe(Jpn) – Barcelona (Esp)

Pick: over 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.40    FT: 2:0 LOSEFixed Matches Schedule

Fixed Matches Schedule

Fixed Matches Schedule When you start pouring through your data, start by sorting it by different sports. Take a look at which sports you are doing well in and which sports you might be lacking in. Now, just because you aren’t doing well in a sport does not mean you should automatically stop betting. What you should do, though, is start looking for reasons why you may be struggling.

Remember all those additional pieces of information we told you to list? Start by sifting through these. Were you only struggling with the bets you were least confident in? If that’s the case, cut those bets out and only bet the bets where you’re the most confident. This is why assigning a numerical value might help to separate the data.

Additionally, look through the reasons why you think you lost your bets or the reasons why you chose the losing side.

What you’re looking for are trends. Try to find the reasoning behind why you’re losing.

For example, maybe you start to realize that you lost a ton of bets by betting on home favorites. If that’s the case, you may want to work that into your betting strategy when you’re making picks.

If after a while you continue to struggle with a sport and can’t find any reason, then you might want to look into backing off your bets on that sport or shifting your focus to your more profitable sports.

Analyzing by Bet Type

Additionally, you’ll want to break down the individual sports into the types of bets. It takes different skills and different predictive abilities for different kinds of bets. For example, the skills it takes to predict the over/under of a game are going to be different than the skills it takes to pick the winner of the game. While there is some crossover, these should still be analyzed separately.

Follow through with your findings exactly the same as we advised in the Analyzing by Sport section above. Look for trends of winning and losing. When you spot trends, try to find causation. Again, this is where the additional things we told you to record will come in handy.

What to Do With Your Sports Bet Analysis

So, let’s say you’ve found some trends and some data that you think is useful. What’s the next step? Well, it depends on whether or not the trends are positive or negative. If you find areas of betting that you are excelling in, you can consider betting more on these bets or expanding to more similar bets. For example, if you’re crushing NFL totals bets on the games you’re betting, maybe you should consider betting more games. Only do this, though, if you think it’s going to be profitable. Sometimes expanding the games you’re betting on can work against you. It’ll be up to you to decide how to proceed.

If you find areas where you’re struggling, you need to figure out if it’s because of variance or if you’re maybe doing something wrong. If you deem that it’s not just variance, look through the data and try to find out what’s causing your losing streak. If you happen to find a common thread, do what needs to be done to fix it. Make the necessary adjustments to your strategy and continue to track to see if the changes fix your leak.

Fixed Matches Schedule

Well, you made it through the “less-than-glamorous” guide. We hope by this point, though, that you see why this information is important to your bottom line. If you’re serious about your sports betting and have hopes of doing it for a long time, make sure you follow these guidelines to a T.

Record all of your bets, be honest in your recordings, and take the time to analyze your records properly. The results will make you and your wallet pretty happy.