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China Fixed Matches

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Red Star Fixed Matches

Red Star Fixed Matches


Ghazl El Mahallah – Al Masry

Pick: X2

Odds: 1.30    FT: 1:1 WON

Smouha – Ceramica Cleopatra

Pick: X

Odds: 3.40    FT: 2:2 WON

Levski Sofia – CSKA Sofia

Pick: X

Odds: 3.40    FT: 0:2 LOSE

Red Star Fixed Matches

What is Red Star Fixed Matches betting?

Before we can address all of the benefits of sports betting, we need to make sure that you understand what sports betting actually is.

If you’re absolutely brand new to the concept of sports betting, don’t worry, you are not alone. Not everyone has friends or family who are active in the hobby.

Sports betting is simply the act of placing a real money wager on the outcome of a particular sporting event or another major event.

Most people have probably placed a sports bet with friends and family and didn’t even realize it. Have you ever bet someone $5 or lunch on who would win the football game? If you did, you’ve made a sports bet.

The most simple form of sports bets is picking the winners of competitions. You can place a money wager on who will win a competition, and if you’re right, you win!

Sports betting is offered for almost every sport in existence with the most popular being football, basketball, soccer, baseball, boxing, and hockey.

Entertainment Value

Sometimes we have to wait several days or even weeks to watch our favorite team or players compete. This can even work with sports where you don’t even have a favorite team and might be less interested in the outcome of the game. It doesn’t take a huge bet to get the excitement going. Even a small $5 or $10 bet can get you excited about a normally boring game to you.

Croatia Fixed Matches

Croatia Fixed Matches

Croatia Fixed Matches


Hajduk Split – Sibenik

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.5   FT: 2:0 WON

Croatia Fixed Matches

Irregular In-Play Odds

This is another indicator of a fixed match taking place. As well as pre-match betting, in-play betting has also been a way where match-fixers have benefitted. When irregular pre-match odds appear, this also suggests that something dodgy is going on. With in-play betting, there is an automated process that will alert the bookie of any irregular patterns on in-play bets, who will then contact the authorities.

You may see this in leagues that are less popular. An example would be where the game looks like it’ll end in a comfortable win for a team, meaning the odds for a loss being extremely high, but in the final 10-15 mins, the other team will score 3 or 4 to win the game out of nowhere. The team defence, who were in the lead, will suddenly go to garbage and they will almost let in the goals with minimal effort. Match-fixers will benefit, by putting money on the other team winning when the odds are very high, almost as if they knew it were going to happen.

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Croatia Fixed Matches

Sure Asia Fixed Matches

Sure Asia Fixed Matches


Al Ahly – Enppi

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.5   FT: 2:0 WON

Valladolid – Barcelona

Pick: X2

Odds: 1.3   FT: 3:1 LOSE

Asia Fixed Matches

What exactly is an Asia Fixed Matches?

As the name suggests, it is a type of betting market that originates from the Asian continent. Popular with football events, the Asian handicap betting market seeks to level the playing ground of two opponents whose strength or weakness may be perceived on different factors.

Therefore, depending on the ability of each team, the perceived favourite team is assigned a virtual negative goal handicap while the underdog is assigned a positive goal handicap before kickoff. Contrary to the 1×2 market, here the possibility of a draw is eliminated.

To get a better grip on this concept, let us look at an example. Manchester City -1.5, Bournemouth +1.5; this means that Bournemouth starts with an advantage of 1.5 goals over Manchester City. If you bet on City, you win the bet if they win the match by 2 or more goals. You lose if Bournemouth wins or in the event of a tie.


Most punters, especially beginners, consider the Asian handicap somewhat intricate than other betting markets such as the typical 1×2 strategy. However, once you get the wind of it, it is quite intriguing and easy to navigate. Seasoned punters consider the Asian handicap a sure bet as opposed to the usual two-way style of betting. Additionally, the winnings profitable and economically efficient, here’s why.

Unlike other betting options where it’s either a win or a loss, with Asian handicap, it is possible to win regardless of whether the team a punter favoured has lost the contest. This depends on the handicap lines a punter selects to wager on. The fun does not end there, additionally; a player’s stake may be refunded especially if the match ends in a tie or what is considered as a half win/lose. The risk of a loss is greatly reduced contrary to the traditional betting markets.

As mentioned earlier, the eradication of the chances of a draw therefore the betting odds are increased as a result of lower betting margins which increases profitability. Asian handicap betting can also be used in in-play events thus increasing the profitability of a punter’s winnings.

Leaked Fixed Matches

Leaked Fixed Matches


Hammarby – Mjallby

Pick: 1X under 3.5 goals

Odds: 1.60    FT: 0:0 WON

Pyramids – Ismaily

Pick: under 2.5 goals 

Odds: 1.60    FT: 3:1 LOSE

Haras El Hodood – Al Ahly

Pick: 2

Odds: 1.40    FT: POSTPONED

Leaked Fixed Matches

Find best sellers fixed matches monday Leaked Fixed Matches will see an exciting clash between two teams that have only won twice this season in Sweden’s top division.

The hosts come to this match about five days after losing 2-0 to Norrkoping, their second consecutive defeat in the league. Best Sure Win, Martí Cifuentes’ side go into this match as favorites, having turned their home ground into a fortress in recent months. To put this into perspective, Hammaby have won their last six home games in all competitions.

Mjällby, on the other hand, have not only failed to win any of their last three league games, but also failed to score in all of them. What has made headlines in recent weeks in the games of Anders Torstensson’s side is the fact that at least one team always fails to score a goal. By comparison, a bet on “both teams score=no” has been a winner in each of their last five games. It remains to be seen whether Tuesday’s game will have a similar outcome.

Winning Daily Tips


Arsenal – Chelsea

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.60    FT: 3:1 WON

Almeria – Elche

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.70    FT: 2:1 WON

Winning Daily Tips What Are Odds?

In sports betting Winning Daily Tips, odds basically serve two purposes. The higher they are, the more you stand to win relative to your stake.

Second, odds also reflect the likelihood of any particular outcome happening. The more likely an outcome, the lower they will be. This makes perfect sense, as you would expect to win less when betting on an outcome that’s likely than when betting on an outcome that is unlikely. Asia Fixed Matches

Imagine a tennis match where the player ranked number one in the world is pitted against the player ranked 137th. It stands to reason that the best player in the world is going to be considered more likely to win than his opponent. Therefore, a wager on his winning would have very low odds; a wager on his opponent winning would have much higher odds.

This is a somewhat simplified explanation, Soccer Manipulated Matches but it gives a general idea of the role of odds in sports betting.

Winning tips Daily

Different Odds Formats

As you can see, the fundamental principle behind odds is really quite straightforward. Things are slightly complicated by the fact that there are three different formats of odds as follows:

  • Moneyline/American Odds
  • Decimal Odds
  • Fractional Odds

Chances are, at some point, you’ll encounter each of these formats. For this reason, it pays to be familiar with each one. Half time full time Fixed Results. They all work in essentially the same way–basically just different ways of expressing the actual odds for any particular wager.

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